Shoptalk: Field Tools 4 Peace / Herramientas para la Paz

Sign up with Eventbrite for our workshop at the L.A.S.T. Festival and the Paseo Prototyping Festival in San Jose on Saturday, April 8, 1-2.30pm!

Shoptalk: Field Tools 4 Peace is a half-day workshop that engages participants to practice methods of thinking and making to promote social resiliency, art for social change, and participatory action for peace. Participants will have the opportunity to collaborate and build their own prototypes for an online gallery, and explore new approaches to making.

Shoptalk: Field Tools for Peace looks beyond solo authorship to explore and practice processes for collaborative making; identifying and establishing new toolkits for peace and safety; tools for engaging digital communities in meaningful ways; creating practices of identity and disguisement in precarious situations; and creatively exploring and establishing practical and theoretical relationships with peace and nature.